Dog's seal of approval


I think Skye approves of my new boots! 
I bought them yesterday from where I work, Victoria Grace Shoe Collection, and I really love them. They're Rieker, and they're so comfortable. This morning was the perfect day to test their efficiancy against rain. And I'm so glad to say they passed! It was the heaviest rain I've seen in a while, the rain was bouncing off the pavement, and my feet stayed lovely and dry. It was raining to hard that even my dog, Skye, didn't want to go outside! 
Victoria Grace Shoe Collection have a variety of boots in, all in different styles, for all different occasions. And I have to admit, these are my new favourites. I have yet to purchase a pair of Rieker shoes or boots that I need to "break in." I could walk miles in them as soon as I put them on. 
-Riane Brown
Victoria Grace Shoe Collection